Art Lessons

Want to learn how to paint? Are you looking for a more in-depth explanation, when it comes to tutorial videos/time-lapses? Whether you are a beginner, or a professional, below is a collection of my in-depth Art Lessons, via Ko-Fi that will help guide you on your art journey! Each lesson is typically an hour or longer, featuring in-depth explanation of my process, and materials used in each project. These lessons are to guide you, give insight into my process, and of course challenge you to level up your own art skills. After all, we are all capable of being incredible artists - it just takes time, patience, and practice.

Access to these exclusive art lessons (an hour or more in length!), starts at 5$ CAD a month, and features a variety of Membership Tiers to choose from, each with it's own unique rewards and perks. These membership options can be found on my Ko-Fi page, where you can sign up, and become a part of our art family. There are 0 fees when subscribed to Ko-Fi, so your favorite creators receive the entirety of your generous tip/subscription! Click below to sign up, and become a member today!

Black Cat Portrait


Basic Lion Portrait


German Shepherd


Basic Snow Leopard