"Thank-you so much for your amazing service! As always I love your art and these pieces are gorgeous! My fiance saw them for the first time today and loved them too - he's now gone to check your website out and has fallen in love with King. Once again thank-you for the amazing customer service and easing my fears. - Sophie B.


​"Cassy is an amazing artist. Her attention to detail is top notch and so life like, that you would swear that the eyes are looking right at you. I have the privilege of owning a number of her prints and also some commissioned pieces. She has a passion not only for her work, but for all people she encounters. If you get the chance, watch her streaming and be amazed and entertained."  - Doug T.

"Cassy is an incredible local artist! Even with her amazing talent, she remains a very humble, wonderful person. I bought Asher from Cassy recently. It's even more stunning in real life than it appeared on her website. The attention to deal is wonderful. I look forward to seeing new work from Cassy." - Christine W. 


"Cassandra is a phenomenal and inspirational artist and human being. She will always go out of her way, to assist others and ensure everyone feels welcome on and off stream. While working with her on a custom commission, I was thrilled with her ability to interpret my vision, as well as her incredible professionalism and care. I was appreciative of her eagerness to ensure that I was completely satisfied with not only her painting, but also the entire experience. From start to finish, working with her was a gem. I will definitely be a repeat customer!" - Michael S.


"Cassy has been one of the single most influential artists I've ever met. I was in a major art slump for four years and thought I'd never be able to actually draw again until I came across her stream. Her approach to teaching and the community helped bring me back out of it finally, and I've been steadily improving my art ever since. I even decided to purchase two original pieces from Cassy and enjoy them every day; they keep me inspired and focused when I feel lost or like I'm not making progress. She's a wonderful person, lovely teacher, amazing artist, and I'd recommend her streams and artwork to anyone." -Robert B.

"Cassy is a lovely and talented artist that has built an amazing community. It's easy to see how much she cares, not only about her business and art, but her community and customers as well. The amount of detail she adds to her pieces is stunning and the service was remarkable. If I or someone I know ever needs art in the future she will be at the top of the list of artists that I will consider. I truly am honored to own some of her work and appreciate just how kind and talented of a person she is." - Bert W. 

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